The Hollywood Effect

As you can probably guess, I'm a fan of video editing. You can make things appear totally different- there's plenty of filters out there to make things appear different than they actually are. For instance, in my last video, I had to tone down my sexiness a bit just so people won't fall in love with me. Some things are to be desired though, which is why I came up with a few new filters that you could use to make things appear awesome:

The Michael Bay Effect: Explosions. Explosions everywhere.

The Gainax Effect: All female characters breast's grow to twice their size, and proceed to jiggle at random times for no apparent reason.

The Peter Jackson Effect: All characters seem smaller and have pointed ears.

The Tite Kubo Effect: All backgrounds disappear and get replaced by white pillars and lines.
I guess it's called Bleach for a reason.
The Inception Filter: Dramatic music starts at random times, the camera randomly tilts and shakes, and it randomly zooms to closeups on people's faces. 

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  1. Erika March 14, 2011 at 7:33 AM
    You are sexy. Deal with it.

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