4chan Friday

Well, since today isn't my birthday, I guess 4chan Friday will do.  Can't buy $15 worth of drinks every week to make Epic Drink Time.

If you haven't been under a rock for the last 24 hours, you should know that a huge earthquake + wave hit Japan, the first step towards end of the world.  I just hope I can finish this 4chan Friday series before that happens.  So, in light of what's happening over there, I'm doing /jp/.

/jp/ actually stands for "Otaku Culture", and not Japan (much like how /ck/ stands for cooking and not cocks).  But I figure Japan is mostly Otakus anyways, so it works out.  I think the question on everyone's mind right now is, when Japan sinks, how do we get our moé? Other anime too.

What about Pakistani animes?
Japan is also rich with different types of Transportation.  Except now their airports and subways are under water, and to tell you the truth, riding a bike through a massive puddle sucks as well.  But /n/, or Transportation, has that covered.  Kind of.
 Japan is an island country, get over it.  They have boats.  At least it wasn't Godzilla this time.

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