Troll Bible

I really don't know where I am in the Troll Bible, and since I was playing TF2 and forgetting that I had to do a post until now, I'll just skip ahead to something I know.  Psalms.  No, Jesus hasn't been born yet.

Psalms is like the musical section of the bible.  Musicals are good.  Except the ones of the High School type starring Zac Efron.  Luckily, religious poems and music aren't performed by awkward pubescent actors trying to break the stereotype that all teenage get-together's don't involve underage drinking and sex.

"This is me imitating my career and this movie."  *Flop*

The Poems in Psalms are interesting.  Not that I know many.  Is "Jingle Bells" one of them?  All I know is that they shouldn't rhyme, unless you happen to be reading it in the original Hebrew.  I had to learn poetry for my High School English class.  I had to figure out iambic pentameter was in order to make a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables.  Not that any of that would make any difference if the poems were translated into another language.  So what we're left with is a series of messages in code that we're supposed to interpret.  Just like the rest of the Bible. 

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