Troll Bible

So Jesus dies, sins are all taken care of, everything is all good, right?  Apparently not, because they made a whole other half a book to cover everything else.  Well to be honest, I have no idea what happens after Jesus dies.  It's like whatever happens in the Lord of the Rings after they (spoiler) drop the ring into Mount Doom.  Yes, in the books there are several full chapters after that, none of which I have read.

Does not knowing these make me a bad person?  Am I going to go to hell?  Short answer?  Yes.  Long answer?  I'm probably going to hell for multiple reasons, not just for trolling the bible even when I barely know anything about it. 

But since most religions state you're going to hell if you don't follow whatever beliefs they hold, then that means everyone is going to some hell or another.  Is Muslim hell Christian heaven?  I know they would probably hate it there, as much as I would being trapped with a bunch of Bible thumpers for all of eternity.

However, every once in a while, something crawls out of Satan's fiery bunghole and is planted here on earth to make us suffer (or enjoy, if you happen to be a sadist like that.)  Rebecca Black?  People who say "like" a lot?  Talking popup ads on the internet?   It all comes from somewhere, and that place is hell.  Yes, most of you know my writing by now, and can clearly identify this as none other than an intro for a new weekly post series:  It Came from Hell.  Stay tuned for next week, my hell spawn.

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