Drugs, Man

College is a place for many things, like new opportunities and new experiences, and for seeing the same things over and over.  Or for just getting stoned.

College.  Studying.  Sex.  Alcohol.  Drugs.  Whoa, that digressed fast.  The days of sex, drugs and rock and roll are over- all we have now is aids, crack and techno.  Except while you're still in college.  Old is the new new- complaining about how you hate your parents while mirroring the same things they did when they were your age is the 'thing' to do.  They might not remember the awesome keggers or hot-boxes they took part in, but if they did remember it, they would end up just trying to stop you.

I'm heading off to college in a couple of weeks to Humboldt State, which is well known for.. well, pot.  Everytime I say I'm going there I get asked if I'm going to become a pothead.

Probably... not?
I've never taken drugs before, but I can't help but wonder what it would be like.  Listening to trance?  That's totally like LCD LSD right? Sometimes if I run around in a circle really fast, or stand up after sitting on my ass all day, I start to black out like I was completely drunk.  I even walk like a drunk if my foot happens to be asleep from all that sitting.  Maybe I could totally hallucinate and have a chance to talk to my ancestors or something, or just totally drift out of reality all together.

Nah, I think I'll stay sober and go out and bang some chicks study.

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  1. MRanthrope August 8, 2011 at 11:45 AM
    good luck living in NorCal. Hippies roam freely so be warned. haha

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