I'm Here

Well, I lied.  No, not about going off to college to get smurter.  I wouldn't wake up at 8 am to make a joke post.  My sleep schedule is more important than my trolling schedule.  I lied about no Troll Cave this weekend. I didn't expect to have internet this weekend, let alone access to a computer.  Luckily I was able to commander my mom's laptop (making up for all the times my own room got taken over because of relatives.)

Driving over twisty turny roads in the mountains was fun, in a sort of 'first time playing racing game' type of way.  And I don't mean the simulation types, which you would assume are sort of like actually driving a car.  It was more like those racing games in an arcade where if you make one wrong twitch you will bounce back and forth off both sides of the road until you are in last place and smashing the screen.

Also, there are a lot of roundabouts around the college.  At least I'll get to walk or ride my bike instead of drive.  I promise this blog will stop being my diary and go back to the good old trolling shit after I get moved into my dorm.

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