English, do you speak it?

I speak like 4 languages, including English. But I still like talking like a retard, even in my native language, when I know better.

This MFer knows.
Why is shit grammar so fun?  Because this is the internet, ruled by cats who would probably make Webster turn in his grave.  But if you are one of the lowlifes like myself who has never read his book (the dictionary) all the way from A to Z (Most people lose interest around Czar) you probably find this shit funny as hell.

Maybe it's just because "sharded barf" sounds like something I would use to describe some of my mother's cooking.

Now you might be saying "I don't do that, I like to be proper, here on the internet, I speak the Queen's English."  Well that's just jolly now, isn't it.  But you know if the Queen ever started using the internet, she would instantly revert to using "lol."

I think without the internet I would talk better.  I would actually have to try and laugh, and actually make it audible (because who really lols when they lol.)  I would probably use "oh my god" less, just because I wouldn't have a convenient abbreviation.  I might start using something like "oh my science" or "oh my logical reasoning."

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