Wall of Papers

Since my last few posts were pretty much "wall of text" style, I thought I'd post some wallpapers, since I haven't done so in like forever. I haven't even gone on /w/ or /wg/, so these are some new ones I've got for you, fresh of the internets.

I don't really like text on my wallpapers (kind of defeats the purpose of a subtle message if it's already in words) but I dislike vegetarians more.

 But nothing says "baddassery" more than battling dinosaurs.

Last but not least, some "omg this is awesome."

2 Response to "Wall of Papers"

  1. Fred Rickerson July 2, 2011 at 9:24 PM
    I have never seen the source to that insanely awesome dinosaur pic, fucking love it dude, THANKS!

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