The Internets are Leaking

Fact: The Internet is a big series of tubes.
Fact: if you shove enough shit into these tubes, said shit will leak out.
Fact: You really don’t want to know what the third rule is. All you need to know is that the internet is slowly invading.

You might say "I like the internet, the internet is my friend, it could never hurt me." But the internet has many faces. And some of those faces are made up of penises. So what are you going to do when some penis-faced internet monster shows up at your doorstep?

"Mom, the internet is here again."
So what happens next?  Will our cats suddenly start talking to us, complete with horrible English?  Will they develop layers of delicious puffed pastry and frosting, then gain the power to turn their colons into rainbow producing devices, and finally leave the Earth to spread joy and happiness to the galaxy?
Of course not, cats can't use the internet.   They don't know what a meme is, silly.  That's what makes them pure creatures, unlike humans.

Will bestsellers be considered "cool stories?"  How will people deal with the haters who do nothing but hate?  Will people have to be classified as "forever alone" instead of "single?"
Forever alone no longer.
The internet has already taken over, my friends, all that is left is the revolution of the interneters.
Count me in.

Meanwhile, on the internet:
Hey guys, I’m from real life, I’ve come to show you all the fun you could be having right now!

Get. The. Fuck. Out.

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