The Cycle of Music

Music for me is like fish and water.  Sluts and penises.  Internets and trolls.  I always need it.  If there's not something worming it's way into my ears like the tongue of a carnivorous alien, then the voices... err I get bored.

But 600+ songs gets boring after a while, so I'm always on the search for something new.  So I turn on, borrow my mom's car to listen to the radio, or just go on YouTube and search for random anime songs (obviously I wouldn't find any of those on the radio, that would be awesome though.) 

Listening to this on my Ipod, suddenly feel like it's my own personal theme song.  Try to stop from breaking out in dance.
After taking my precious time to pirate each and every song carefully, I let my OCD take over and find and put in all of the correct information.  So then I take the newly downloaded songs and listen to them.  A lot.  Enough to learn all the lyrics- even the anime ones, despite not speaking a word of Japanese (I do actually).

After a while, even they get boring, so I am forced to turn on shuffle and listen to all my songs.  At that point, these "new" songs fall into categories:  The "fuck yeah why haven't I listened to this in forever" category, the "oh wow why do I still have this song" and finally the "OMG Smash Mouth nostalgiagasm." category.

At best this gives me a couple of weeks before my next download spree.  At which point the cycle starts all over again.

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