Six Months

So it's been six months now since I started this blog, and it's still going strong.  I'd like to thank all of my readers and supporters for being awesome and leaving good comments (sometimes), and for getting me almost 3,000 views this month.  I am constantly thinking up fun new things to post, but this has made me realize one thing- I'm probably not a very good troll.  You know, I'm fine with going through life being mediocre, but I feel like a reaction to one of my antics would be something like this:

I even got called "the lovable troll" once.  You know what, fuck you guys. No more Mr. Nice Troll.  From now on I'm gonna quit being a lurker and get out there and make some people rage.  I've even been practicing.
So many homophobes on teh interwebs...
Apart from that, I will keep bring you funny videos, stories from around the internet, and more bad commentary on stuff. In the mean time, keep on trollin'

This week's "It Came from Youtube" will be pushed back to tomorrow, but be ready something special!

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