Captcha, Episode 4: The Prequel

Just to clear things up, this isn't actually a prequel, but I just figured since it's the fourth installment that I would make it one, kind of like star wars...

You know, the Capcha is to make sure that you're a human or not. After some of these, I'm beginning to doubt my own humanity...

Equathon: it's like an equation, but in 17 parts.  Did I mention I hate math?
Just because I hate it doesn't mean I don't recognize made up numbers.  How many thousands go into a betzely again?
Haha, if you tried to type in a B, you would be wrong!  It's actually an eszett

It's like the American Flag!  I think I'll try 'merca'.

Looks like the encoder is very relentless with his attempts to stop me from postin- oh shiiiiii--
Fear not, I can save us!
That will show you, encoder.  And just for the lulz:
Do trolls even drink wine?  I don't...

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  1. Mr Bouchard November 22, 2010 at 12:52 AM
    Hahaha, recaptcha made me laugh countless number of time! Yet, I hate it with a passion!

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