4chan (Black) Friday

Since it's the day after Thanksgiving, aka Black Friday, I though I'd go along with it.  Tonight for you, I have /g/ and /ck/- I'll explain why these are related.

/g/ stands for Technology.  Black Friday is all about driving around in traffic then pushing through hordes of people to try to get the best deals possible.  I decided to not go out today, but if I did, I would be to Best Buy to ogle the great deals (but not be able to buy any).  Instead, I looked up /g/ to see what deals there were out there.  No deals really caught my eye, but I though this was cool.

Wall computer is watching you fap.
I guess you don't need to worry about ventilation if your system is open air.  The rest of /g/ is people trying to figure out how to build computers or unbreak their old ones.

/ck/ stands for Food & Cooking.  Contrary to popular belief, it does not stand for "cock."  Since the day before Black Friday always is Thanksgiving (unless you're Canadian, eh) people always have ton of leftovers that don't look anywhere as close to as good as they did they day before.  On top of that, your relatives are probably also gone and you won't have anyone to help you dispose of your dry turkey.  But fear not!  /ck/ is there to help you create something out of your pile of food.  Or laugh at you for asking why your mashed potatoes were lumpy.  But of corse this is just for the holidays.  If you want to read more about /ck/, I wrote a longer post about it a while back.

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