Advice on the internet is kind of like going to a whore house to find a wife.  What you get won't be what you had in mind.  The best approach I feel is to just practice complete reverse psychology. 

4chan has an advice board, but I think they should rename it "how to end up dead and/or screwed."  Asking for input on any other board is just as bad.
I wouldn't risk any form of information or fate of personal belongings on anyone from the internet.  That includes so-called "technicians"  who get paid to fix stuff.  No, the problem is with the internet, restarting my computer will do nothing.  While we're on the topic of things doing nothing, let's talk about something that will do something.  Something bad.

I know somewhere on 4chan there probably is someone who will give you a strait answer.  But they will usually get caught up between the trolls.
Deleting your windows 32 folder will speed up your computer.
(Or completely destroy your computer, results may vary. Except not. It’s almost positive that it will be the latter.  You're welcome to try it though.)

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  1. Mr Bouchard November 29, 2010 at 6:43 AM
    Good thing I saw the little notice at the bottom of the post, I was about to go delete my system 32 folder! Joking ;)

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