4chan Friday

Looks like it's another episode of... *puts on glasses* ...4Chan Friday

Tonight, I bring to you, in usual fashion, /po/ and /k/.

/po/ stands for Papercraft abd Oragami. Papercraft is basically making a small figurine out of a template printed on paper. While it isn't incredibly sturdy and sometimes they can come out looking shoddy, they are cheap and not too hard to make. For example, here's one I made of my favorite Bear.

(you can find the template for it at the bottom of this post.)

/k/ Stands for weapons. From the name, I though it would be a bunch of red-neck gun freaks and wanna-be war junkies. You know, those type of people who carry around a pocket knife at all times, "just in case." Then you see them one day eatin an apple with it, wondering if they washed it off after using it to gut a deer or something of that sort. However, it's obvious that these are only amatures compared to the people on /k/ though, for the fact that they have this:
What?  I'm nearsighted... 
I guess there's some decent people here, who simply like the feel of a weapon in their hands, rather than the feeling of using one to violently destroy whatever target they happen to pick.

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