4chan Friday

Hello folks, time for another 4chan Friday!

Too bad, 'cause you're getting it
Tonight we have /v/ and /p/ in store for us.

/v/ stands for "The Vidya," or video games. Don't ask me why. Every otaku has his needs. Some have anime, while others have video games- they're equally as bad.
Why would you need that many dreamcasts?  Or even one for that matter.  An don't say it's to play Seamen.  I know it makes an awesome joke, but it really isn't a good game.

/p/ Stands for photography.  I like photography.  Sunsets, rain forests, rivers, nude women, you know.  With any image board, having a photography forum is a must.  And for every photography forum, someone must sneak in a picture of their penis.
I bet you looked for a penis in this picture, you suck f**k
Other times it's actually impressive and good looking scenes, like the one above.

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