As you can probably tell, I haven't been posting here a lot recently.  I've been kind of slacking... but for a good cause.  (And not my grades.)

I don't want to be cocky and say I made it to the big times, but I guess I will.  I emailed the Slacktory team, and got in touch with their super-cool editor guy, who liked my "poor man's" post.  I then proceeded to use Google images to snatch up random images in order to put captions on them, and I ended up with this.  Thanks, Nick for helping guide me through the process. 

I also made a Tumblr, because I'm a hipster like that, and because I wanted a change.  I would really hate for this blog to die, since it's been my baby for over a year now.  However I don't really have time to write huge posts about why the internet can be a dick sometimes, or try to write a paragraph about why a YouTube Video is ironic and/or funny to me.  I will probably try to update The Troll Cave once a week, but for now Tumblr will fit my blogging style better.  Sometimes, single pictures and YouTube videos are just better by themselves.  Same for rants that are too big for twitter but too small to make a post out of. 

See you around, guys.
-Troll Man

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  1. Sub-Radar-Mike November 21, 2011 at 6:40 PM
    Nice, congrats on the Slacktory gig.

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