Giving Thanks

Just like my Pedo Bear Halloween, I'm repeating the same things about holidays that I posted about last year at the same time they rolled around.  I don't remember what I posted about Thanksgiving last year, nor do I care enough to go look it up (especially back then when I was still struggling to make funnies like a back alley whore struggles to make coke deals). It probably included something about how it's the American way to make a holiday about eating, based around the fact that a long, long time ago, we did something bad to a group of people with a different color of skin, but we made it up to them by letting them make food for us and hoping it wasn't poisoned.

There are two people who participate in Thanksgiving.  People who like to overeat and watch football, and people who like to overeat.  I don't care much for football, so when people are cooking food, I either have to help out, or sit and watch drunken people cheer at poor peons who have to run around working during a vacation.  Whether these are the players on the field or the women in the kitchen depends on how drunk they are. 

I don't know about everyone here, but I really don't care for turkey.  Or any meat really, that has been touched by my mother.  It either turns out dry or greasy.  The greasy stuff goes down easier, but much like a sink, it is hard to get out of the "pipes".  The only really good thing about turkey is the Tryptophan, or as I like to call it, faticide.  It will give you the hunger to eat what everyone really wants from Thanksgiving, mashed potatoes.  Really, what is there besides pie and that canned cranberry sauce that can stand up to mashed potatoes?  Nothing. 

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