Girls and the Internet

They say there are two types of people who use the internet; guys, and guys pretending to be girls.  The thing is, there are girls on the internet, not that anti-social net lurkers like me would even run into one and notice it.  Unless you were really trying, you would be hard pressed to find one as well.

Girls don't do any cool things like us guys do on the internet, like look at porn or look up sites containing nothing but pictures of food.  Which is why you've probably never seen a girl on the internet outside of videos that you touch yourself to.

Girls do go on the internet.  They go on Facebook.  They try to out duck-face their friends.  They check and see what sluts their exes are dating.  They comment on the pictures of their friends saying how cute they look.  They comment on their enemies pictures to tell them how slutty they look.  Many of the reasons I don't go there much. 

Outside of social networking, girls hold a special place.  That place happens to be out of the kitchen, but then again, it's also out of your hair.  Until they try to log in to you favorite game, and into your guild/clan.  Suddenly, just like in real life, they become a money synch, a man trap.  "I'm sure she'll talk to me if I buy her a new armor set."  "I'm sure she'll talk to me if I help her with this quest."  "I'm sure she'll take me off ignore if I log onto my alt and give her my epic weapon of noob-pwning." 

It's cute watching people try to help out a girl who they know must be helpless due to the state of her chromosomes, but it eventually becomes sickening when they find out that she is, in fact, able to kick your ass.  Soon, your inner 14 year old will kick in, and you will be forced into subservience and just remain there to not fuck her up while she carries you to victory.  Such is the story of my roommate and his lady friend, who happened to have the mic during a very sucesseful round of Nazi-Zombies.

Long story short, my roommate has a herd of pubescent boys on Xbox Live who are friends with a female voice that does not belong to him.

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