Humboldt Hijinks: Day "Off."

Back in High School, in order to skip a class, you either had to fake a note from your parents, or get home before the school called your house about the classes you had missed, if you actually had teachers who cared enough to take attendance.  Then if you wanted to leave campus to go smoke pot or whatever the cool kids did, you had to somehow clear the prison-like fences and security guards who usually have nothing better to do than take cell-phones. 

Here in college however, we actually can choose to fail and burn our several thousand dollar education ourselves, and just skip class whenever.  So that's what we did the other day.

Ferris would be proud.
It's not that any of our classes are throw-away, or even easy enough that you can just learn everything from the book.  It just they're early, and it's far better to sleep in your bed than in the back of the room, head propped up against whatever is there, conveniently wearing shades.

"But it's foggy until noon most days, why do you need sunglasses?"

Clever, until someone calls on you.
Having slept a good 5 more hours than we would have gotten, we woke up and decided that Denny's was way too far, and that we would just to go to the closest Chinese restaurant and eat a horrible psudeo American brunch of MSG and salty noodles.  And so we did.  Then we drove to the next town over, the one with the mall.

Borders Bookstore is going out of business, showing the nearing of the end of American literacy.  But at least for the last day, everything was one dollar, providing another chance for poor college students like us to read books, or to just to look through the random crap that nobody else wanted.  
Just kidding, I wouldn't pay a dollar for that.
I did buy some books, as well as a CD that just happened to tingle my hipster senses, which turned out to be super awesome.  My roommate, on the other hand, decided to look through the fixtures of what was left over from the actual store, and pick up something that interested him in particular.
Yes, that is 1/3 of what once was a giant triangular hanging sign that says "Food and Cooking" adorning our kitchen.  Don't worry, we have the 2 other sides, they just wouldn't fit in my car all assembled.  So we tore it apart.  It was so worth it.

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