Humbold Hijinks: OJ and Alarm Clocks

It's been too long since you heard from me about my crazy roommates and horrible diet choices that include the name "Denny's" here from everyone's favorite stoner school.  So here's another Humboldt Hijinks.

I love orange juice.  I could drink it forever.  I don't particularly like oranges, just the juice.  Except after you brush your teeth.  That's just gross.

Despite the closest store on campus being down several flights of stairs and a large hill which is required to climb to return and enjoy our ice cold goodness, me and my roommates go down almost every night to buy drinks.  It's worth it, since they sell half gallon jugs of orange juice, just enough to quenche my thirst for one anime marathon.  Or for at least an hour or two.  (That's why I bought more.)

But soon that got expensive.  I don't know how much vitamin c is too much, but I'm pretty sure I was reaching the limit.  That, or if I continued it, the one day I didn't drink any I would develop the worst cold of my life. 

Of course you can't have orange juice without alcohol.  One night, my roommates decided to go out drinking.  Let me add that it was on a school night, and my roommate can only handle 4 glasses (of wine) before he starts speaking in slurred Vietnamese and crying about why nobody understands why he doesn't like onions.

In order to avoid having to deal with two drunk people before having an 8 am class in the morning, I decided to sleep over at another (sober) friend's place.  But before that, I set a trap.  My alarm clock is pretty much the worst sounding thing in the world.  You can stand it if you can shut it off in the first ten seconds, but I usually sleep through that, as well as the next two snoozes.  My roommates have learned to hate it a lot.  So the night before leaving, I "forgot" to turn it off.  And then I hid it, so inebriated people couldn't either.  I think they liked their wake up call.
If you can't tell, they found it.  And lynched it.
Still waiting for when they decide to get me back.

2 Response to "Humbold Hijinks: OJ and Alarm Clocks"

  1. Major.Mack October 22, 2011 at 2:14 PM
    lol. No alarm clock can wake me. I have to put it between stations and listen to static every morning.
  2. Sub-Radar-Mike October 22, 2011 at 6:09 PM
    I like orange juice, but it wrecks my skin and gives me horrible acne. I guess I'm just allergic or something.

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